Athens is the historic capital of Europe as it has been inhabited since the Neolithic Era. Through the course of its long, fascinating history, it reached its zenith in the 5th century B.C. (the “Golden Age of Pericles”), a period when its values and its culture crossed the geographical borders of the city and spread worldwide. Political thinking, theater, arts, philosophy, science, architecture and so many other human intellectualities reached their zenith in a unique time coincidence and spiritual completion.
Hence, Athens became the core of western civilization, while many Greek words and understandings such as democracy, harmony, music, mathematics, art, gastronomy, architecture, logic, Eros, euphoria and many more, enriched various languages and inspired different civilizations.
During centuries Athens came across many conquerors, which left their mark on monuments of outstanding prestige and charm creating rare historic palimpsest.
Due to its historic past Athens was declared the capital of the newly-established Greek state in 1834. In the two centuries that followed, it has developed to a modern metropolitan center of incomparable charm and great interest.
Nowadays, visiting Athens is a unique experience. It is a “journey” to a 6.000 years history.

Departure with luxurious double-decker buses open ATHENS OPEN TOUR to Athens.
Arrival at the sacred rock of Acropolis. 4 hours stop. Guests disembark and have enough time to admire the Parthenon, Odeon of Herodes Atticus theater of Dionysus, and passing the Areopagite Dionysius, visit the ultramodern new Acropolis Museum.
Boarding the bus for ATHENS OPEN CITY TOUR. We are driving via Boulevard Avenue. Customers can admire the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Hadrian’s Gate, the National Garden, Parliament, and continuing the Queen Sophia, the Benaki Museum, the Presidential Palace, the Maximos Mansion, the Panathenaic Stadium Zappeion Hall. Walking down University Avenue see the Academy, the University and the national library and then passing it through Omonia Square September 3 we see the National Archaeological Museum and the University. Continuing our stroll we go to Karaiskaki Square, the Psiri, Monastiraki Square, Kotzia Square and City Hall, and going the route of Stage reach the bottom of the Syntagma Square and stop in front of Ermou Street.
Landing 4 hours and stop for lunch, walking and shopping in the historic city center- Plaka with its narrow streets and quaint restaurants, Monastiraki and the Giousouroum full of antique shops , Aeolus Street and Ermou Street for shopping.
Boarding the bus and transfer to the port of Piraeus for final departure to Crete.