Crete - Kriti

Chrissi is almost flat, with an average height of 10m. From a distance it seems like a thin line of land in the middle of the sea. Its greatest length is 5km, it has an average width of 1km and covers almost 5km2. The highest spot is to the eastof the island of Chrissi   on “Kefala” (the head)and is 31m high. On that spot there is the forest lookout, with a view of the whole island of Chrissi.
From the moment a visitor sets foot in Chrissi, he gets magnetized by the exotic natural landscape dominated by cedar, the golden sand and the light aquamarine water.The Natural images and the rhythms of nature, immediately give the visitor a newfound sense of liberation.
A walk in the woods, swimming in crystal clear water combined with the soft smell of cedar and fresh oxygen, give the visitor a deep relaxation feeling that become unforgettable. This is the reason why chrissi island welcomes more and more visitors from around the world every year.
The island has a small bar on the north side of the island, a small tavern on the south side, an Orthodox church of St. Nicholas, a lighthouse on the northwest side, and a house on the northeast side. There are three recognized permanent residents on the island until now.
The island has a large number of shells, mainly in the north, which is one of the distinguishing features of the island.

Become a Robinson for one day on the desert island of “Chrissi” or “Golden Island“. This exceptional outing begins with a drive to the picturesque town of Ierapetra on the south coast. From here a boat ride across the azure waters of the Libyan Sea takes us to the Island of Chrissi 8 miles away from the coast. During the journey you can sometimes observe the dolphins in their natural habitat, seemingly showing off as they swim and leap into the air, just a few meters away from the boat.

Chrissi Island is the most southern as well as the hottest point in Europe with vegetation similar to tropical, with a beautiful “Lebanon” cedar tree forest amongst the sand dunes, probably the last existing in Europe. Walking through this forest you can reach the beautiful fossilized purple shell beaches with their white sand and crystal turquoise shallow water. The island is now protected as an “Area of Intense Natural Beauty” as it looks like the last paradise on Earth.

A perfect day for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and relaxation away from the busy modern resorts…

Tripl Overview:

List of Not Included items for your Trip

  • Boat Ticket: Be paid on the spot.
  • Entrance fees: Be paid on the spot.
  • Handicap-Accessible: No, the resort is not accesible by wheel chair.